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  Hospital patients have the following rights:

  Equal access to health care.

  To have all the facts disclosed.

  Personal respect and privacy.

  To participate in the decision making for health care.

  To obtain medical records during  hospitalization and after discharge permitted by law.

  To choose or decline the service offered.

  To oversee his/her own care.

  To be free of certain social obligations.

  To receive educations about health care.

  Hospital patients obligations include:

  To honestly provide the history of the disease.

  To cooperate with the medical institutions and medical personnel to carry out the examination and treatment obligations (the obligation to comply with medical advice.

  The obligation to pay for medical care and  other service fees.

  To respect work and human dignity of the medical staff.

  To comply with the rules and regulations of the medical institutions.

  Not to affect the treatment of others, and to prevent the transmitting disease to others.

  To protect public property.

  To undergo mandatory treatment for emergency and resuscitation situations.

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